First, thank you for purchasing a copy of my work. …

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First, thank you for purchasing a copy of my work. Last night, I felt the need to reflect on where I’ve been, and how that might be a shared story with those gone before. In that time of reflection, it was as if the Lord placed it upon my heart to use the character from the book as the witness to the events which were true life, both recent and ancient. You are quite observant and caught both. In fact, it also included some of what had just transpired that day; a house church since all local services had been cancelled. There in the home setting, children were engaged in the sharing of the Word as much as the adults, and in that moment, God used them to bring out a sermon that had never been intended. In fact, the one that I had prepared for the day was done in reverse. I didn’t realize it until my drive home, when I thought about all that had transpired. It was uplifting, inspiring, and a great reminder of His awesome power to those who believe in His name. Thank you again for sharing and being a brother in Christ.

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I Am With You Always…
Bongiorno Augusto, sì, ho letto il tuo post su Facebook ed era molto intellettualmente profondo. Che prospettiva fantastica hai nella tua scrittura. Avrò bisogno di leggerlo ancora e ancora per comprendere appieno tutto. Grazie per aver condiviso il mio amico e fratello in Cristo.

I Am With You Always…
Thank you for sharing with your family. That means a lot…Blessings.

I Am With You Always…
Bellissimo Augusto, molto grazie per condiviso…

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A Moment in Time
Thank you brother, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family as well. I saw from the FB page that ya’ll just had your Hanging of the Greens. Miss seeing everyone. Maybe the Lord will allow me to visit sometime in the future. Much to share…too much.

The Blood of the Martyrs
Amen brother, amen!.

We Do Nothing of Ourselves
Amen Robert! Confirmation of God’s presence through his word, yet again.

An Unsettling Dream…
Amen Robert, amen!

Grandma’s Root Cellar
Yes, so true. “After they were filled, Jesus said to the disciples, “Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.” Therefore they gathered them together and they filled twelve baskets with the fragments of the five loaves of barley over and above unto them that had eaten.”

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