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A Dove-ly Vision…

doveJesusAs time passes, many things become clearer while others seem to slip farther away.

I know in all of this, God is working, planning and arranging life in such a way that the journey he has prepared will unfold, in all due time.

The white dove flew past me before I realized what it was. As I turned to look out my side window of the truck, I saw it fly over the Trail of Faith, toward the Ciabas Church. As it flew, its flight path took it directly over the part of the church where there would have been a steeple in a normal church, but this, of course, was not a normal church. In the blink of an eye, the dove vanished.

Days later, the vision came to me once again, but not in the same fashion, but the dove had called me closer to another time, another event, much closer to Jesus.

I was floating in clear, bluish tinted water as I watched the body of a man who was standing in the waist deep fluid before me. His clothing was made of animal hides whose hairs lifted and swayed in the gentle current about us. The white sand below reflected the sky above, yet there was no sound. Then, suddenly another person appeared as he began walking into the water from the opposite shoreline, his white robe wrapped around his legs as he strode slowly into the coolness that engulfed the scene. The man in fur waited with outstretched arms, speaking to the one entering, his voice was muffled to me below the surface. The only sounds were that of the water rippling from the man’s wake and my own heartbeat in my ears.

As the one in white entered, I felt a warmth overcome me, one of overwhelming comfort; as if I had been made anew and all the past life was forgotten; I was a child once more.

The man in furs grasped the Godly being in his arms, speaking yet again and as he did, he let the one in white fall backwards into the water, his entire body falling below the surface. The bubbles from his submersion floated skyward, tickling my ears with sound. For an instance, he turned looking in my direction. Our eyes met and I was instantly numb with fear, excitement and joy. No words nor thoughts could enter my mind, none except for those that told me the one I was watching was not of this earth, but of a greater place; one I had yet to know but would someday come to know. Before I knew it, he was lifted back up, but not before he smiled and briefly nodded as if he knew I understood. The man in furs spoke again and then a brilliant light exploded above the water, high in the sky, as a spirit in the form of a dove gently landed on the man in white’s forehead. and then a voice boomed through the air above, coursing through the waves and into my body, a magnificant voice saying, ““This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

The water around me then began to swirl and boil with excitement as everything seemed to explode with brilliance of the moment, every molecule of life was extending itself to the utmost glory of which it had been created. My whole being began to pulsate and my mind was overwhelmed with blinding light.

I awoke realizing the dream had passed and the ceiling above me was another place, another shelter from the elements that God had provided. The lingering affects of the dream were still with me, the euphoric happiness of seeing God’s son and knowing that He lives. My life is now one turn of events after another where I know not what the next day or moment will bring.

Like that being in the water, I’m floating in time, following the current of life as He has provided and where it will take me I can’t nor will I know until it happens. I know what my humaness tells me to do, but how and when it will happen I cannot know.

In all this I pray that God will continue to lead me, wisely, patiently and fruitfully.

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