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Catching Up: Day 2

So much time, so many pages…

Writing on the sequel, “The Light” continues, well past just one book with 135,000 words now as the series continues to grow. Meanwhile, my journaling occurs between writing stints, as seen in the latest update to “Catching Up”.

In order to try to catch back up on my lapse in blogging, I’m going to post my journal entries for several of the past few weeks. These will include drawings, random thoughts and observations of my daily life.

May you find humor, comfort and joy in all that transpires.


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Premonition of Forelorn…


The beckoned flight, My soul doth seek,

Yet spirited wings, Are clipped beneath.

The journey’s path, Mere footsteps trod,

While Heaven’s gate, O’re yonder calls.

Each day we breathe, A breath once more,

And exhale our last, On God’s golden shore.

– T. Tron

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“Unspoken” – poem

hiddenroseThe new formed Bud

Of hidden Rose

Like unspoken Word

Of Shadowed Prose

                    – Timothy Tron

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Poetry: Whispered Memories…


Sanguine utterances of rhythmic prose,

beleagering thoughts of dawning rose,

in shadowed light we whisper errant memories

as padded footsteps from behind emerge,

not to startle,

only to reassure.

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Poetry: The Sap Is a Rising…


The Sap is a rising!


Bees buzz effervescently

 Amid rich bouquets of color,

 Making the vibrant foliage,

 Ever more alive.


The new warmth penetrates,

 Aching bones,

 Soothing deepness

 To the core

 Until life’s spirit is renewed.


The Sap is surely rising!

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