So Timothy, I have a question. Is this story …

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So Timothy, I have a question. Is this story entirely from your heart and God’s Spirit or did you get part of it from some history book?

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I Am With You Always…
I just purchased your book Bruecke to Heaven and I realize that either this was an excerpt from that book or a story that was not included but part of that story. Now I know that it was true to life, (maybe even true to live than mere history) from the history of the Vaudois.

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The Blood of the Martyrs
Wow! In spite of the horror of war, God is at work. I have read several stories like this of God using His people to do His will in Ukraine. Let us keep the people of Ukraine in prayer as they go through this time of trouble. Let us remember these things could come to us as well as the world falls apart now before the coming of Jesus.

We Do Nothing of Ourselves
Yes, yes. Just led a prayer meeting in studying Romans 10:4 – 11 and then two weeks later, Romans 10:11 – 15. What a blessing!

An Unsettling Dream…
I’m glad we are not there yet. Hopefully we never get there. Though Revelation seems to warn of something like that. But if and when it comes as it already has in many parts of the world our trust must simply be in Jesus.

Grandma’s Root Cellar
Yes, this is also the lesson Jesus taught after feeding 5000. They picked up the remnants. They did not waste what God gave, the treasured it grateful for God’s gifts while being generous to others. The same way we treasure the bible and share what God gives us.

Through the Eyes of a Child
He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He restores my soul.
He leads me in paths of ritghteousness for His name’s sake.

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