Luke 12:31…Seeking and fullfillment…..

Much to my humble astonishment, I have been receiving amazing response and feedback at my initial reading/signing here in Valdese NC. It appears my attempt to capture a small fraction of the spiritual nature of the Waldensian’s centuries-long struggle to preserve the Word of God has come to fruition. I can’t begin to explain to you the uplifting feeling of doing God’s work.

Much has been written and documented on these ancient Christians, but so much so that it often becomes a daunting wall of dates and statistics which eventually, but not intentionally, deflate the spiritual nature of their struggles and why they really did what they did. To come full circle in a sense, to start the journey in a place that has only a connection to the actual place, a virtual starting point if you will, is powerful. I don’t want to sound boastful, for I humbly and often try to keep focused on why I’m here, so much so that today’s daily scripture from my fellow Christian Willar Neal has again put me on the path we should all try to follow. For if we only partially seek the will of God, we find so much is given and so much more will be asked.

We don’t have to be genetic descendents of these ancient martyrs to be uplifted from how they lived and died. We need only take away the realization of how deep was their faith, how utterly grounded in the Holy Spirit they were such that nothing else of terrestial existence mattered.

How much have you sought and what will you do in order to be asked of……

Today bring another adventure in the journey that has begun. Follow your path and seek what you may have yet to find.

-Timothy W. Tron

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