First Public Book Reading/Signing: Coming full Circle in Valdese NC…


Come join me this coming Friday, starting at 6:00 PM, at the Trail of Faith church in Valdese, NC for the first public book reading/signing of my new book “Bruecke to Heaven: Children of the Light”, The reading will precede the second to last performance of the outdoor drama, “From This Day Forward” also held at the trail’s amphitheater starting at 7:30. 

This will in a sense be a coming-full-circle event, since the backdrop of the novel takes place in the year 1170 AD in the Cottien Alps from where the Waldensians originated. The recreated church at the trail is known as the “Temple at Ciabas”.  It was built as an exact replica, complete down to the iron bars and fortress like thick walls. The church was not only the spiritual center of their lives but often became the safe haven when the Waldensian villages came under siege. I am quite honored to be offered by my host, The Trail of Faith and the town of Valdese,  the wonderful venue from which I will perform my first public reading/signing. I couldn’t have imagined from the start that this would be where the journey would begin, but yet, here we are just a few short days from the big event. Our ancestors held precious the Word of God and fought, bled and died to keep it alive, and now centuries later, much like the might have done before starting off on their evangelistic missions, I too will begin my adventure from the same backdrop, albeit in North Carolina.

Although in contrast, I don’t plan to face an adversarial foe once I leave to begin my travels, the feeling of carrying on what was started so long ago beckons. I can only hope and pray the true meaning of the book is felt by its readers and someone along the way is spiritually lifted up enough to seek a stronger belief in God and just maybe….someone will seek to find Jesus in their heart.

This coming Friday will be the start. Whether its a success or just a passing entry in my journal, only time will tell. Regardless of the result, its a calling that has to be done.

Let the journey begin….

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