Granite Solitude…


The granite solitude upon which I rested afforded me a panoramic view of the blue expanse of fading mountain tops in the distance. There, up where the raptors soared, there where nothing made of man could stand obscuring the bliss, where the air was crystalline under the azure blue sky, thoughts of God’s beauty couldn’t be resisted. As the gleeful chatter of youth in exploration of all they could touch and feel with pristine senses, I sat in repose, soaking it in like the morning sunshine on a dew soaked leaf.

A slight breeze wafted across the skin, fresh with perspiration from the challenging climb to reach its summit. Here we sat, now resting before moving on, as in life, pausing a brief moment to reflect and appreciate all that we have been so blessed to receive.

The rugged slopes falling off into nothingness, surrounding us, in a world full of hate and bitterness, fall off into somber greenery of the forests that abound. Cascading waterfalls fall along dark glistening surfaces as they dance in our ears, reminding us of the joyful sounds of life, bubbling forth enriching ions of energy through our beings.

Heavenly splendor, if only we can see…

A journey to the mountain top…ever so brief… a granite solitude.

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  1. Sharon

    And this is why I love the mountains so!

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