Crenshaw House: The Auburn leg of the journey…

Bed and Breakfast in Auburn Alabama

The Crenshaw House: An oasis of nurturing comfort within a whirlwind of vibrant youthful energy and learning.

This weekend began with me having no earthly idea of how things would go or turn out with regard to the journey I’ve begun. I would have to say that there was some trepidation just prior to Friday night’s book reading since there could have been any number of subject matter experts in attendance. Yet, just the weekend before there was the same potential, but more from an aspect of the ancestral side. So, just before I started reading I said a silent prayer and vowed to just be myself, keeping the Word in focus and not give in to temptations to waiver from the truth.

I found an audience who was very accepting and full of great questions, much like Thursday night’s reading at the Goldston Library, but with a bit more diverse thought boundaries. It was refreshing and enlightening to hear these young people embrace my book’s subject matter, all of whom had no idea what it was prior to my reading.

Here in the cradle of education at the University of Auburn, I could hear and remember the youthful vigor and spirit that is so electric when arriving on campus to begin the groundwork for a life’s education. As I sat in the coffee shop listening to the humm of conversations all about me, I could hear that discussion weaving threads of life into the tapestry that would someday be memories of that college life they once knew. I had to ask myself, would my book reading in some small way become one of those threads, a moment in time when we sat down and heard this old guy talk about an ancient people we had never heard of? For a few curious listeners, this moment came true.

A few hours later, while recalling the previous scene to a very receptive audience at our weekend’s residence, The Crenshaw House, it became quickly apparent that youth was not the sole possessor of vibrant curiosity. A very welcoming crowd began to gather and I spoke to an unexpected group who had heralded from all regions of the country. Again, wonderful questions and ideas were initiated and once again I was enjoyably enlightened to the variables and unexpected viewpoints that arose.

Once again, I was refreshed to find that once the cover of the subject matter was unwrapped, there were very few that were unwilling to seek further. Once again I have to remind myself that although in my mind, things might be moving slowly, that this is God’s work and it will all come about in God’s speed. Here in the garden of solitude that this wonderful bed and breakfast affords, it is no wonder so many renowned scholars have called it a home away from home. It is definitely someplace that affords the visitor the sense of tranquility where time can be slowed and reflective countenance can be renewed.

Tomorrow begins another day, where the journey leads I cannot anticipate, but I welcome with renewed spirit and youthful vigor what might lie over the next horizon….let the journey continue.

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