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2013-01-03 21.17.25-1Tonight, as I look out the window of my barn studio, there is no moon, no light from outside, only the inside reflecting back at me. Were there light from the moon or an outside light, I might not have noticed. Here in the country, the only light at night is what we either create ourselves or what the good Lord gives us in the form of moonlight. Since there are no flood lights turned on, on this side of the barn tonight, all I get is what is directed back toward me from within, showing the mural I’ve been working on for Mary’s room. Strangely enough, I can see flying cats and a Pegasus in my window.

Thanks to the trick of the light, I could easily imagine there were floating castles and flying cats just outside my window: again, the light from within shining back at me. Notice the play on words. Light is a major factor in our lives physically and spiritually.

I have come to the awareness these past few days that our lives are filled with our ability to cope with the truth, and yes, the light. The question I have posed to myself is “How much light within is actually reflecting out?” In the Bible truth and light are used frequently when speaking of the word of God and his son, Jesus.

Oh, send out Your light and Your truth! Let them lead me; Let them bring me to Your holy hill And to Your tabernacle. – Psalm 43:3

The truth, like the light, is difficult to look into directly. One tries to stare into the bleak stark whiteness, brilliance beyond comfort until the pain makes us look away lest we harm our vision. Truth, like the light, can also be painful to bear, standing directly in the midst of the utter essence of what is can be so uncomfortable that we want to shy away, whether it be to turn our heads, escape mentally or physically leave the scene.

A blinding flash can cause us momentary blindness and in some cases, searing ocular pain. Similarly, a truth, previously undiscovered or known brought to out immediate attention can literally take our breath away and making us physically ill or sick to our stomachs.

When we are put under the spotlight, so to speak, we often find the intensity of scrutiny placed on us or others so daunting that it almost makes the reason for that garnered the attention to start with questionable. Yet, in the time of Jesus, he did just exactly that, brought the spotlight upon himself. Each time he came under scrutiny, he humbled himself to the point there was nothing for the inquisitor to sink their prying questions into, thus leaving them scratching their heads.

However, unlike Jesus, I personally find it far more difficult to be Christ-like. Yes, I pray for guidance and seek his wisdom daily, but I’m still human, I still make mistakes, and yes, I still sin. How do we expect others to stand in the light and seek the truth when we ourselves find our ability to do so failing? How do we lead others to the truth and the light we hardly have enough for others to even notice?

For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of the light. –Ephesians 5:8

Because Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice, dying for our sins, we can become children of the light. With this possibility, we can strive each day to live in the light, and yes, the truth. When we share the truth, the Word, with others, we are then walking in the light out of the darkness and giving others the chance to do likewise. So you may never reach someone to the point they decide to accept Christ, but you can try. You can’t see in the dark until you first turn on the flashlight. Have you even checked your batteries lately? Is your own light turned on?

I admit it, it’s not easy.

We must walk the walk, stare into the blinding light and lead others toward it. Painful as the truth may be, we must face it, accept it and admit we are of sin and once we take that step of commitment, then, and only then, can we begin to heal and become all we can be.

Will you walk with me today, into the light and out of the darkness?

Take the step if you will, it will only take you closer to the light and the truth.


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  1. LaVerne Thornton

    Good post my friend


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    • Thank you for the kind words.

      Hope you and Lucille are doing well and hope you are recovering well from you recent surgery. You didn’t appear at all phased at church this past Sunday. It was very satisfying to see you doing so well, so quickly.

      May the Peace of Christ be with you, have a blessed weekend,

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  2. BETTY


    Thank you for your witness of our Lord. Keep up the good work for Him.


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  3. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!! Very challenging and inspiring!

    Allen and Kim Smith

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