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Morning Mist…


A lifetime; that’s how long it took to get to this point.

The aches and breath were laborious.

Nothing felt good other than just the knowing that I was out once again exercising my body in order to retain some sort of muscle tone. The past three weeks have been a blur of moving, back-breaking lifting, sweating, and blood. In fact, we have constantly been moving something from somewhere for most of this year, so the opportunity to find myself running along a clear, flowing mountain river was a blessing in and of itself. Below my path, the water of the Johns River cascaded over rocks, sending a chorus of soft voices upward. Their song touched my soul, and my spirit was renewed.

The sun had yet to rise as I ran in the cloud that encompassed the world around me. Massive oaks towered overhead; sentinels in this part of the small valley that cupped the river into its palm and channeled it along its winding route. Those dark anthems disappeared into the mist appearing as if they might be pillars holding up the sky.

The world was slowly awakening.

Before long, my mind was free of the physicality of my toil as one curve in the road led to another. God’s beauty lay all around. Birds called to one another as the breeze gently swayed branches over the rippling waters that ran beside me. Like in another lifetime, when thoroughbreds would race me along their pristine pastures in Ocala, I now ran with another, one whose flow was even smoother than those gentle beasts. Together, side by side, we traveled; one the essence of life, while the other dependent upon that which flowed.

Sometimes, when my day is done, I can sit upon the rocks and watch the water flow, like the clouds passing overhead. To know there is a purpose in it all would only require one to admit that there is also a God. The incalculable variables that are necessary for one object to depend upon another cannot be fathomed once one begins to try to explain in human terms what this is all about. A lifetime of wasted energy could be spent only to find in the end, the solitude of sitting on the edge of a secluded mountain stream can answer those unending questions. In our youth, we believe there is no end to time, so we go forth without plan or purpose, living for the moment, planning on a whim what tomorrow might bring. As life progresses we realize, sometimes too late, there is a finality, a purpose we must seek. Sadly, many are never afforded that chance to realize that they have fallen short of seeking Him. Those who do choose Christ as their savior, find they have been given the most precious gift of all, thanks to His sacrifice for our sins so that we may have life eternal.

As I wiped the towel across my forehead mopping of the sweat off my brow, there was the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction in knowing that I had started my day on a good note. Steam rose from my coffee mug as I peered thankfully down at the pages of my Bible. The morning sunrise was just beginning to burn through the fog around the porch where I sat, turning the pages into a golden hue.

“The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory…”

The Word spoke to me again and once more my life is blessed.

Somewhere off in the distance in the dark woods a dove cooed.

Yes, this would be another beautiful day.

Thanks be to God.



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