Artifacts of Bygone Days…

IMG_20140226_112459[1]An artifact of a time when travel was at a speed that allowed for contemplation of life and patience of the soul.

I was reminded of Faulkner’s “The Light in August” when I found the old saddle in the barn this week. The scene where the reader is taken on a slow methodical wagon ride across the bleak Mississippi landscape, its flatness only interrupted by a bend in the road ahead. The painfully slow arduous mental journey allowed for plenty of self-reflection in its day. Today, we barely have time to think on most trips, with the heavy congestion of traffic and demanding roadways.

How much better off we might be if we could simply hitch our team to the wagon and head into town. Perhaps there would be less road rage and stress related health issues in our society than we see today.

What’s your wagon in life…

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