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Treasures on High…


Tonight before leaving for work, I asked my son to join me on the front porch. I had him bring our fiddles out in order to show me a new old time song he had learned while at JAM Summer Camp, “Liberty”. At first he played the song hesitantly, but after I asked him to show me the first part several times, he soon gained confidence and then replayed each part requested perfectly. As we sat on the edge of our rocking chairs, playing old time music together, I couldn’t help note in the back of my mind the joy he unknowingly was providing to his father. As the notes of our music drifted with the breeze across the gentle waterfall that gurgled before us in the Koi pond, a feeling of wholeness lifted my soul. The riches of this world cannot compare to those we save away in our heavenly home, and tonight, this was another gemstone to be placed away in that vaulted storage chest on high.

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